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a ten year old poem

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i should warn you, as the image loads: this poem contains "bad" words & sinful images, so if you don't like that sort of thing please click on back to where you came from *

satisfaction makes me horny is a poem that i wrote ages ago for a wonderfully artistic (& horny) little boy who obviously brought something out in me... sigh * it became part of a little orange book of poems like it that my friend & i made * it started because we got in trouble for leaving poems marked with spirals on the doors of two different boys * one boy each but they both thought it was me * we figured we had something (the spirals, not the boys) in common & they both told us we should make a book-full so we took advantage of being in a liberal school & made the book as a "self-taught" class the next quarter (believe me the class i was in before that was a lot more of a waste of my time, money & fresh young brain cells) *

i always love to tell the story of how we first met our very gracefully aging (think Sean Connery or, better, Peter Weir) professor, Leo & said "um... we wanna make a book of erotica, would you be our mentor?" (i always twirl my hair & say it like a little girl, even though of course it wasn't like that) * to his great credit, & our great advantage, he took our writing seriously (i can still hear his first comment: "woah, you guys are serious!") & almost seemed to ignore the naughty bits * what a gem...

anyway, here's one of the poems the professor saw:

satisfaction makes me horny -- a poem i did at least 10 years ago when i was in school and for a class one quarter i made a book of erotica with a friend

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