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"...that's what you do with opportunity I suppose.
You make the most of it."

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Stephanie Mueller writes:

"I feel like I could have written many of the words you wrote and feel so much the same way. Viggo has inspired me to start writing poetry which I have loved my whole life but never tried to write. Expressing my feelings in poetry feels like counseling.

"I wrote this poem after reading his book Signlanguage."


Life is a stream of broken attentions.
We deny things that are too small to mention.
Have you seen the world very carefully?
All of creation is a mystery.
Pay attention to instants that could have passed.
You decide what is important that crosses your path.
We need to look at everything we see
with childlike eyes for the details that be.
Wold on to seemingly insignificant things.
Participate in life and all that it brings.
If you let details have an impact on you,
they will yield a meaning that always is new.
Those are the things that will shape your mind.
Be a focal point for thoughts and ideas of every kind.
Explore your curiosity and sense of surprise,
yielding your heart, body, soul and mind.
What gives something its importance in the world, is you.
Listen and look intently in everything you do.
You choose the impact something has on your heart.
Life is a collage of memories from the start.
We see only a glimpse of what we can.
Are we too finite a people to understand?
The quality of your perceptions defines your being.
Shift your focus, change your vision, to see the world's meaning.

Stephanie Mueller
submitted 14 June 2004

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