thank you, Viggo
"I have never been in a natural place and felt that that was a waste of time."

thank you, Carolyn

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i am very pleased to share a poem from the woman who provided the last spark of inspiration for the creation of * before i started this site (my favorite toy these days), Carolyn Torella wrote to me:

" strange and wonderful it was to find your poem! You captured in words what I've been feeling for quite a few months now! I'm calling it a "petite renaissance" and loving every moment of it!

"I know so many who feel the same way... who want to say thank you just to have it said, not that [Viggo] would read it or even acknowledge it. But to just put the words out there, like a prayer aloft..."

For Viggo

You're like a mountain stream
flowing down after the winter snows melt
finding your path down the jagged slopes
and all along the way
you leave your mark
smoothing rocks
gently bending reeds
grassy green moss will grow on your banks
small creatures come to you unafraid
even the toughest roots find their way
between crooked cracks of stone to touch the waters
Your spring flows on
down over cliffs
airborne mist, flying free
to joyous splashes below
your spring feeds small ponds
and rivulets form their own paths from you
but a great pool amasses beneath
many come to drink it in
and behold your stillness
to watch your wake in storms
to catch the sun dancing on your surface
to feel the cool winds from your face
and here they are home

winter weed -- photograph by Carolyn Torella
winter weed
-- photograph by Carolyn Torella
Carolyn Torella
submitted 28 June 2004

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