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Jennifer Johnson - Astartae writes:

"I also found myself inspired to write by Viggo's own art. In particular poems such as "Ten Last Night," "Second Opinion," and "Embrace" urged me to write a few poems. You can view them (and others) at The Astartae Zone but here are a few in particular that I want to share:"


your soul speaks to me
in whispers
soft, still waters
that lap at my shore
teasing me
with sweet, fragrant tones
that echo
in my mind and soul
soft, round flavors
fill me
from your whispers
leaving me wanting
for more


Like liquid metal,
His voice rolls over my body
And fills my soul with fire.
I was a dry well
Until his words filled me
And gave me a new voice.
He is my muse
Giving me a new vision
And new eyes.
And my soul like thunder
In the distance,
Calls out to him.
Jennifer Johnson - Astartae
submitted 26 November 2004

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