thank you, Viggo
"Thank you: ...Burns.Scrapes.Birds.Sprains.Tears.Tears..."

first meeting: 30 December 2002

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it is that restless year end new year time & i am searching for inspiration, again
i discovered Viggo Mortensen's Perceval Press & even though it was Smart Art that published it, i had to have the book with the cd, had to have the voice speaking the images, so i bought Recent Forgeries which arrived today * i took it & some paper down to the salt water, where i wrote the first poem i have written in many years * i forgot to bring my camera but there was a single bright yellow light reflecting a shining path toward me across the water so i got a picture anyway *
thank you Viggo *
i don't care if you never read this... it's yours * it's mine * it doesn't matter at all *
a port boat on the river in Porto, Portugal -- photo by Sienna, September 2001 (click for the travel picture story from Sienna Moonfire Designs)


this is for you, Viggo Mortensen
for your fresh everyday visions
for your "no more blood for oil" tee
for your "green #2"
y tu corazón amarillo.
this is also for Nicaragua
for her people, her poems
her struggle that continues to touch,
to revolutionize me.
this is really just for me
but it could be for all who struggle
to live, to give
to participate...
if nothing else,
this is for this moment right here now
for the darkening foggy twilight
surrounding my seat on Little Skookum inlet
for the seals in its calm lively waters pursuing
the fish that leap up, smack down
for all the birds calling & diving
for the small dead doe washed up on the beach
& for the murmuring, singing
wet pebble shore.
i have been learning
to bring the outside in
to take all the life-giving blood
of mama earth
-- mama river, mama mountain
mama forest, mama rain --
into my own thirsty heart
& cherish the hell out of it.
now i am inspired to be
inside out
to show to share to celebrate
you & your everydays
myself, my home, my love
my struggle...
& the insatiable hunger
making this a poem
without an end

Sienna M Potts
30 Deciembre 2002

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