thank you, Viggo
"We communicate, at best, as outlines and silhouettes to each other; blurry vanishing tracings of what we really see, feel and mean."

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Please feel free to share your thoughts, poems or thanks with Sienna, the shamelessly obsessed, gratefully inspired creator of Thank You, Viggo: a tribute.

do i even have to mention that i can not send your declaration of love/lust to Viggo Mortensen? i'm filled with admiration (&, sure, a splash of those other 2 too) for the man & his art but i have no connection to him (except the blurry vanishing kind, of which he knows nothing & probably never will) * if you like this site & want to write to me about it -- share your poems, thanks & stories -- please do * if you're seeking Viggo, seek on ¡y buena suerte!

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