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"Five minutes can be an eternity if it's well-used."

there's a Spanish book, a gem in my small collection, that is a work of love & thanks for Julio Cortázar, an author who inspired many in Central & South America * it's called Queremos tanto a Julio which means We All Love Julio So Much, a play on one of his own titles (Queremos tanto a Glenda) * the little pink book was published during the brief but poetic revolución in Nicaragua & i found my beat-up/well-loved copy in one of the endless piles of books at an unforgettable bookstore in León a few years ago * i can't say that i fully understand every word of it but the vivid purity of its thankful, familiar, creative pieces brings tears to my eyes on each re-reading & i understand the intention to the core * Julio Cortázar brought inspiration, hope, courage & a new way of seeing to many who suffered for their creativity & clearly voiced visions * he did this not only through his stories, but through his life, his struggle & his friendship * even people who did not meet him were touched, encouraged, inspired by him so that he became an hero in his everyday way * when in Nicaragua they got a little taste of the freedom for which Julio struggled & gave his support put together a little book to thank him for his part *

walk 21: self-portrait, one of my favorites in a series of photographs inspired by Viggo's ride series in The Horse is Good -- photo by Sienna, April 2004
walk 21: self-portrait
one of my favorites in a series of photographs inspired by Viggo's Ride series in The Horse is Good
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with this little site i aim to do the same sort of thing for you, Viggo Mortensen (whom we all love so much), to say:

thank you, Viggo -- thank you for sharing your moments, your visions & your inspiration

...whether or not you ever hear me *

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